These days my ego has less and less to do.

I have compassion for him.

The job he has performed with such distinction for so long is less and less necessary each day.

More and more, I know the results he created for me — success, wealth, notoriety, and security…

“If you are trying to make the best of a bad situation, you are choosing a suboptimal view of the situation.

~Michael Neill

As a coach, people come to me for help with challenges and problems.

They show up with what they believe is a complete and accurate view…

Contrary to popular opinion, our experience of life is never objective.

Instead, we experience ‘reality’ based on our thinking at this moment.

Different thinking creates different experiences.

Two individuals can share the same circumstances but have the opposite experience of those circumstances.

Similarly, the same person can have different a experiences of the same situation at different times.

When we feel secure, we ‘create’ our environment as secure, regardless of the circumstances.

Likewise, when we feel insecure, no amount of evidence or assurances can convince is that our situation is safe.

Recently, I ran a poll that confirmed something I long suspected.

More people value Freedom (57%) over Peace (26%), connection (11%), or even Success (6%).

This mirrors my experience working with clients who most often say ‘Freedom’ when I ask about their greatest desire.

When pressed to describe what Freedom…

We are all made of exactly the same stuff.

The same energy.

The same life force.

We are all assembled by the same creator (God, The Universe, Consciousness, etc.)

Yet we ‘live’ inside an impenetrable illusion…

…and inside this manifestation, we are convinced we exist as an individual entity, separate…

I work with highly successful clients to unpack the ‘Why’ behind their relentless drive and persistent anxiety.

At the end of the rainbow, we often uncover the desire for Freedom.

One client shared it this way: “I want to build a financial wall around my family so tall nothing can…

I was recently reminded of how magical religion can be.

For a few hours, every person in the church knows they are loved completely.

In that moment, each of us loves ourselves completely.

And when we love ourselves completely, we create our life as someone who loves themselves completely.


For the last 40 days, I have abstained from alcohol, meditated, and followed an intermittent fasting regime.

What happened?

I woke up one morning with the thought: “What about taking a break from alcohol?”

A few hours later the thought appeared: “I’ll start meditating and see how that goes.”


Townsend Wardlaw

I help inspiring people make more money, create massive impact, and be ridiculously happy.

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